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 Thai Yoga Bodywork Workshop June 1-3. This workshop will get you a certification in Thai yoga bodywork so that you can charge others for your service. You will learn a routine that mixes North and south Thai Massage together to open up the meridians allowing for greater energy flow and vitality in the tissues. Cost is just $250 for the whole weekend. See Jeff for more details  



 Embodied Anatomy: The Organs, Endocrine Glands, and Yoga 

Becky Morrissey, eRYT500, C-IAYT, EMBODIYoga500 Instructor 
June 9, 2018  1-4 pm
The organs are the contents within the skeletal and muscular container. They support postural tone, give volume, and awareness of sensation in movement. The organs give us a sense of self, supporting our movements from within; the endocrine glands can be discovered as a source of energetic sensation, initiation of movement, and embodied presence. Yoga movement via the Organ and Endocrine Body Systems allow us an experience of yoga via fresh pathways of support and sensation. This workshop will explore the inner world of our organs and endocrine glands, their embryology, how they are integral to movement, and how to use their presence to facilitate physical, functional, and therapeutic yoga practices.