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Online Offerings Continue, Except now on Demand if you want a zoom class please e-mail or contact Jeff at 513-807-3671 at least a couple hours before the class and we will hook you up as they say 


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 Don Eduardo has traveled the world in the fulfillment of the ancient prophesy of the Condor and the Eagle which directs the Q’ero Pacos to energetically connect the continents and to share their ancient cosmology and healing traditions with the world!  Don Eduardo has traveled to over 10 nations as a cultural liaison and traveling healer.  They travel the world to fulfill the Prophesy and support their indigenous way of life.

I have hosted Don Eduardo out of Louisville, KY for three years and have worked with him and his family in Peru on two visits.  In KY and IN, Don Eduardo has conducted Ceremonies of Blessing and Personal and Community Healing at The Falls of the Ohio State Park, Blackacre State Nature Preserve, The Jefferson County Memorial Forest, Mammoth Cave State Park, Natural Bridge State Resort Park, Kanti Healing Center (New Albany, IN), The Sanctuary of Eternal Truth (New Albany, IN) as well as in personal homes.  In Ohio, Don Eduardo has presented and conducted Personal Healing sessions with True Freedom Recovery Yoga and at Serpent Mound State Park. He will be servicing Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Cincinnati and surrounding areas from December 2nd through December 31st

In November of 2020, I moved to Cincinnati and am very excited to be filling his schedule presently.  We are always wishing to reach new audiences with this rare and wonderful opportunity.  At the end of this letter/e-mail, you will find YouTube and Facebook links for more information about these extremely powerful and effective shamanic healers as well as a link to the following books:  Masters of the Living Energy, Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge and The Mystical World of the Q’ero Indians of Peru; all written by Joan Wilcox.