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True Freedom Recovery Yoga

Practice and Procedures for Current Public Health Concerns 


All TFRY Representatives, Teachers, and Students/clients coming to the studio are asked to prescreen their own health. We ask, per State of Ohio Department of Health Guidelines, that students/clients conduct self-assessment and not enter our facility if they are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19.  It is recommended students check their own temperature before coming to the Studio and ask that no student come to the studio with a temperature above normal. Please review Screening questions


oTrue Freedom Representatives and Students must agree to conduct health checks daily...

oDo you have a fever?

oDo you have respiratory symptoms?

oIf sick, seek care through your primary health provider.

oAre you experiencing the following symptoms?

o• Cough

o• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

o• Fever

o• Chills

o• Muscle pain

o• Sore throat

o• New loss of taste or smell

oHave you been in contact with someone known or presumed to have COVID-19 within the past 14 days?

oHave you been diagnosed with Covid in the past 14 - 21 Days?

oWe are sorry, but customers who answer “yes” to either of these questions cannot receive services right now. Please come back another time.


oIf found to have Covid, all TFRY representatives and students should immediately self-report and notify Jeff Emerson at



§  Regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds should be done after sneezing, coughing, or nose blowing, after using the restroom.

§  If soap and water are not available, use a (60% min) alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Hand Sanitizers will be placed throughout the studio.

§Establish 6 feet distance from person to person
as you enter the Building and maintain that distance while at the Studio

§TFRY Teachers and Representatives and Customers are to wear masks at all times except in the Studio Class area while doing yoga. Please keep mask on until in your yoga practice area. On the yoga studio floor, teachers and students may choose to wear or not masks during yoga asana. Before visiting the studio, we suggest you consult your own doctor if you want to consider wearing a face mask during yoga practice. 

                         * Yoga students are not to wear gloves while practicing.


Studio will be cleaned per Ohio Department of Health guidelines. All are welcome to review those through this link:

Any questions about studio cleaning can be directed to 



§  Please pre-register for every class (if you cannot access FItDegree please request pre-registration through and receive a confirmation of availability from a True Freedom Rep

§  Please sign an updated liability waiver (New Waivers are on Fitdegree and pop up during registration)

§  Maintain 6 feet distance through lobby to studio.  The doors will be open.

§  Please remove shoes in lobby before entering studio and place in your own bag with all personal items.  No storage for personal items in lobby. Please leave as much as you can in the trunk of your locked car.  There will be no lost and found.

                                                Wash your hands

Do not sign in at the desk.  If you must interact with TFRY Rep in lobby, please respect 6ft distance

Go to the designated area in the yoga studio with all your belongings. 

TFRY Teacher will confirm your registration.

Bring your own props including mat.  No props will be available.

Weather permitting, accessible windows and back door will be propped open.  All inside doors (except bathroom) will remain open at all times.

 In Class Requirements


 Classes may live streamed on Zoom or FitDegree or Facebook live for those who cannot come to the studio and /or may be videoed for future release online to support our Recovery community. It will be our goal to record only the instructor.

Maximum class size per studio will be determined per 6ft distancing standard 

 We will make a floor plan for spacing and clearly advise where yoga mats must be placed to maintain standard 6 ft

-Students must provide their own mat and any props they want to use for class. True Freedom reserves the right to restrict a student from using a prop that is deemed by Yoga Instructor or other representative of True Freedom to be potentially unsafe for anyone in the class. 

- Personal belongings of Students/clients must be kept with them with the exception of shoes which could be stored in bags brought by students. Students are asked to limit bringing personal items to class except those which are necessary to participate in the class and/or aid health of the student. Students' belongings must fit within their designated Yoga practice area during the class and must not present hazards to themselves or others.


 Maximum class duration will be posted for each class information on schedule which can be found on Website and all Social Media class postings.


There will be no hands-on adjustments or other touching of students by Class Instructor, any other representative of True Freedom or any other student of the class. Clients must maintain 6ft distance from other students and instructors or other representatives of True Freedom unless a practitioner and student/client agree beforehand to some personal healing or instruction that cannot be 6 ft apart then instructor/ healer will wear face mask.

Students/clients are required to wear a mask/face covering into the Studio and keep them on everywhere in the studio except while they are doing Yoga. We recommend you consult your physician as to whether you should be doing yoga with a face covering on if you choose to wear masks during yoga... Face coverings may be removed when client/student is in their own designated yoga practice area and should be replaced before leaving their own designated yoga practice area and should be worn until exiting the studio. 

  Students are expected to clean their designated yoga practice area and remove all items they brought into the studio when they leave. Items left at the studio cannot be stored as we are not presently permitted to maintain lost and found area per public health concerns. True Freedom is not responsible for items brought to the studio by students/Clients.

Students/Clients are permitted to utilize bathroom facilities while attending class.  Students are required to properly wash hands after using the bathrooms.


When class ends, the teacher may open the room for a Recovery meeting. Social Distancing can be maintained by staying in your personal yoga practice area.


Please use Namaste inside True Freedom Recovery Yoga at this unusual time to show your care and respect for others health *





Online Offerings Continue 

Please join us at 6PM Weekdays for Yoga Classes on Zoom

Zoom ID # 831 2334 5652


Password Belove1926



Please reference our schedule and Facebook page for Zoom ID# for other classes.