A Policy of Caring, Inc.

A Policy of Caring is an official non-profit organization that aims to bring harmony in people utilizing the healing and transformative energy of Yoga, Exercise, Meditation, Nutrition, Reiki, and discovering creative outlets such as writing and art. True Freedom Recovery Yoga is the yoga arm of A Policy of Caring, Inc. We facilitate healing and train groups and individuals on the art of being alive in this busy and changing world. 


Mission Statement: We teach trauma-informed recovery yoga and mindfulness-based tools to people in recovery from addiction, in what ever form it takes, and those whose lives have been impacted by the addictions of family or friends

Studio Location:


Come visit us at our hOMe for RECOVERY yoga...

1926 Mills Ave (enter in the rear)

Norwood, OH 45212




True Freedom is not simply the freedom to get what you want but freedom from the pain and burden of desire, the freedom from outer worldly compulsions. True Freedom can only be found by Self-awareness. It is not the freedom to do but the freedom to be. Freedom from desire brings the highest happiness. The ability to get what we want only breeds further wants. -David Frawley

A Policy of Caring, Inc. Board of Directors