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next Training to be announced


Cost for training will be $2,000 with a limited number of students 




Requirement for this training is that you are a yoga teacher or willing to be one on a regular basis and to take 20 other classes not your own and write summary of the class.


Required Reading:


The Upanishads: Easwaran (unless you have another copy) (Sri Aurobindo has a nice version) You can also use The Yoga Tradition  below as it has some Upanishads in it that may serve you for time being

The Yoga Tradition-Georg Feuerstein, PHD

Ayurveda Natures Medicine: David Frawley

Ayurveda and the mind: David Frawley

Healing Yoga-Loren Fishman, MD

Yoga skills for Therapist- Weintraub

Overcoming Trauma through Yoga-David Emerson

Awakening Shakti-Sally Kempton

Yoga Nidra for trauma-Richard Miller PH.D.  


Suggested Reading :




The crest-Jewel of Wisdom: Sankaracharya (classic) 

The Mirror of Yoga-Richard Freeman 

Yoga for emotional trauma-Mary Stearns

The yoga of herbs-David Frawley

The Path of the Rishi-David Frawley 

Tantra Yoga and the wisdom Goddesses-David Frawley






Weekend 1- Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, using yogic philosophy for self

We will start with this training by reading the ancient text to see how we can use the writings to serve us today and how they are the foundation of not only this training but all yoga and are fingers pointing to the Atman within. Using vedic way of knowledge of discernment, and self-inquiry. Home work will be to write a paper on an Upanishad using at least two reference commentates to show how ancient writings is relevant for today. 


Weekend 2-Ayurveda of body

We will look into such topics as the subdoshas, seven Dhatus or tissues, The seven Kalas, Srotas or the channel systems and organs of the body, the disease process, the six taste, foods for dosha health and herbs. We will consider in more depth which yoga asana is best for each dosha so that you can teach yoga to a class addresses the doshas in the class. 


Weekend 3- Ayurveda of mind

We will continue our discussion of Ayurveda only the focus will be on the mind, the nature of the mind, the four levels of the mind, the gunas, energetic s of Consciousness, the chakra system, Treatment for anxiety treatment for depression, treatment for ADHD. We will look at the 5 koshas and the three bodies and how they work with one another. Examining  techniques to heal the mind. Also we will talk some about the addictive mind with obsessions and compulsions.


Weekend 4- Yoga Anatomy and Healing, Energy lines and what they tell us, Marma Points,  Anatomy Organs, Muscles, and Endocrine System/ Tantra yoga/Giving adjustments /yoga teacher skills different body types, Modifications for asana,


This weekend will be dedicated to the anatomy and how the body works together, and how we can use yoga when the goes out of alignment.  We ill also have a talk about the nadis and energy lines as they relate with the 5 elements. The marma points or bindus which are pathways to the inner pathways for of the body. Then we will talk about how yoga works on and to the internal organs and their functions along with the Endocrine system and how yoga effects it’s functioning. We will also explore and examine tantra yoga, the goddesses and shakti energy.


Weekend 5-  Pregnancy yoga, kids yoga, - workshop and retreats , Theme Classes, Influences and perception



This weekend we will explore how to teach and set up classes for special needs of some sort or another and also how to develop and have a workshop. Homework for this weekend will be a challenge to develop a workshop, advertise for it and put it on.





Weekend 6- Trauma and Recovery, Writing workshop for self Care

They say addiction is about trauma. Trauma before addiction trauma afterward. In this session we will look at our own trauma, ways to be ourselves. Working out our own trauma and the roots to that trauma. We will do self care through yoga postures and meditation.


Weekend 7-  Trauma and Recovery, Stress management through yoga and meditation, yoga nidra, and pranayama, Restorative yoga, 

This weekend we will work on healing others trauma using methods such as I-rest, pranayama, yoga postures, and spiritual companioning. 



Weekend 8- Yoga in health Care/Teaching those with disabilities/Age restrictions/ Corporate yoga



This weekend will be dedicated to the many ways that yoga is used for particular issues such as back problems, diabetes, immune conditions, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Cancer and other serious diseases. We will not learn diagnostic skills but when someone comes to us with these issues, we will have the ability to give recommendations and suggestions. We will have a long discussion of limits to what a yoga teacher can do ethically.  We will also go over and outline how to do yoga in the corporate world. 



Weekend 9- Private sessions/ Yoga for One

In this weekend we will have volunteers come in and we will work with them on a private session to better find out how to bring harmony and balance in their lives. We will use our deep listening skills to understand the blockages that they are facing and show them what course of action they could use to find wholeness which may include diet, mantra, pranayama, asana. Setting up a practice to where you work on people in a one on one situation and how to set up an individual practice compared with a group setting.




Weekend 10- Yoga of art and music

This weekend will be for the creative energy of art and music and how they can be used to connect the mind and body experience like any yoga. We will use our prakriti energy to create a life mandala, and move and connect with music through dance, drum work, and kirtan 


Weekend 11- Whole weekend mindfulness Teaching and practicing meditation

We will spend the weekend with each other watching yoga movies at night and practicing yoga at night and wake up with pranayama, meditation, and yoga we will learn the art of teaching meditation and we will have our final exam, Then on Sunday we will graduate and take our light into the world.