Class Schedule  


9:30-11:00           Monday Morning Movement with Meridith    

6:00-7:30 PM     Kundalini with Anne Minter

7:30-9:00 PM     Broke Down Palace Yin with Jeff



9:30-11:00          Yin Yoga Flow with Ralph            

6:00-7:25 PM     Back to the Basics with Jessica Y.

7:30-9:00 PM     Gentle Flow with Destiny



7:00-8:15 AM      Morning Sadahna with Jeff 

10:00-11:00       Pat's Power Flow with Pat

6:00-7:30 PM      Restoration with Lara

7:30-9:00 PM     Beginner yoga with Lori



6:00-7:25 PM      Beginning to Breathe through Yoga Beginner Yoga with Nancy 



7 - 8:00 AM         Morning Sadanha with Jeff 

10 -11:30 AM      Yin Yang Fusion with Sadie 



10:30AM - 12PM    Hatha with Kate

12PM-1:00 PM        Chair Yoga/ accessible yoga with Jeff 




12 - 1:00 PM         Mysore/Sadhana (Exploratory) - No Lead - Jeff 

1:00-1:30 PM       Meditation Class - How to Meditate - Jeff 



BeginnersIf you're new to yoga and/or want to go over the basics of a regular yoga class, the beginner class would be the place to go. The pace is slower and there is time to ask questions more so than in other classes. Many people start with this class but keep coming due to it being so much fun - always a nice gentle class designed to open and stretch your whole body in a safe way. 


Restorative: In this class we are restored to our serenity by doing restorative poses mixed with yin poses that help bring our bodies and minds back to a place of serenity. We hold the poses longer to allow for the muscles to relax and stretch on their own and to feel what surrender feels like in a physical way - allowing for a deeper surrender to happen in our spirit, and a deeper letting go of the stress that keeps us away from being who we were meant to be. This class is a semi-moving meditation and a practice of mindfulness.


Hatha Flow: In this class you are working your body with movement while moving your spine in all six directions. Part of the class is standing and part is on the floor doing deep stretches and twists. Hatha means uniting the moon and the sun together and the object of this class is to find oneness in the body, mind, and spirit.


Empowerment Yoga: This class is a little more challenging than most - you are building power and muscle by holding the asanas a little longer and there are more difficult postures to do. However, as with all the classes -  listen to your body and not your ego and you will do just fine. Take as many breaks as you want no one will judge. This is a great class to find the empowerment and inner force that will help you stay clean and in better health because of it.


Experiential/MYSORE: This is not a lead class led by an instructor - but one where you take what you are learning from other classes and play with poses, make them your own by taking your time with them and observing your body while in the pose. This is a class to experiment, to learn, to explore. Some weeks you may want a hard class where your body may be wanting a workout. You can give it that. Other weeks you may want to just do restorative because that is what your body is calling for - it is up to you and your body. There is time to ask questions and get adjustments by others. This is what true yoga is - the coming inside and experimenting with what you find. You have total freedom on how your class that day will be. There is a guided meditation that follows the class to once again allow you to go deep within yourself.


Chakras/5 Elements: Each week we will learn about and discuss one of the seven Chakras. We will also explore how the Five Elements interplay with the Chakras and practice the corresponding asanas to strengthen and synthesize our understanding of our individual relationships to each Chakra. Each practice ends with a Chakra/Element specific meditation.


Raja Yoga: Raja yoga is the royal path to yoga or union. In this class we explore the different avenues of raja yoga including breath work (pranayamma) japa yoga or chanting, asana practice moving our bodies, prayer (bahkti yoga) and meditation. Often works from teachers of the vedanta will be read for jana yoga. 


Broke Down Palace/Yin: In this class we slow the pace down and use props often for a deeper stretch of the myofascial system and deeper ligaments to allow for healing in our body and greater range of motion. This is an Urban zen style influenced class where we let go and allow our body the time to open in a deep way