Want to make a tax-deductible contribution  to True Freedom Recovery Yoga?


Make a contribution at the PayPal link above or send all gifts to:


A Policy of Caring, Inc.

1926 Mills Ave

Norwood, OH 45212 


Please let us know which area you would like to give to if you have a preference.

100% of the proceeds supports our mission. 


Thank You!

Scholarship Fund

If you would like to support individuals who want to take the training but cannot afford the investment - we offer a Scholarship Fund. We have a goal to offer the training to new members perhaps while in transitional housing because it gives them something to fill their time, new tools to aid in their recovery process, a way to potentially earn a living, and to do something positive for themselves and for others.



Family Yoga Fund

Another way to help out is donating to the Yoga Family Fund. With these funds, we will purchase mats, games, snacks, and materials for activities for the children of those in recovery. The children of those in recovery need a program as much or more than the parents. We are going to provide that for them by teaching them skills to deal with the pressures of having parents new to recovery, the stressors related to school and just being a kid. In this way we can break the cycle that goes from generation to generation. Just think how good it would have been as a child if you learned meditation and coping skills. Just another way we are out to change the world one person at a time.


Building Fund

Yet another way to support our mission is to give to our Building Fund. We have recently moved to a new space that will eventually be purchased by the non-profit as the director of the program is the owner and wants to turn it over to the non-profit. However, to do this we need a down payment, we also need to make renovations to the building to suit our needs. Giving to the Building Fund helps with these needs.  

Outreach Program

We also have an outreach program where we bring recovery yoga into different facilities. Donations here would be for supplies to the facilities such as mats, blocks, straps, etc. We are currently in 4 different locations and are scheduled to start soon in the county jail for drug and alcohol related offenses. This is a vital area of our service work as it introduces yoga to people who have not done it before and shows that there are other ways to find recovery and wholeness than through the traditional routes.