Earth Energy

Earth Energy Time of the year


In the revolving cycles of time this is the earth element time of the year. This is the time of the season in between the summer fire element and the Fall air element time. This is the time when the fire is burning down, we are taking the fruit from our labor from the earth, and everything settles down some. The leaves are just beginning to turn colors and is a resting time before the winds of fall begin which always brings change and movement.

We honor this season by allowing our spirits to settle and nurture the grounding aspects of ourselves. This is not the time of leafy salads or drying foods as the dryness is accumulating at this time to come into full expression during the air element time which is also a time of dryness the leaves reflect this as they dry up and fall off. We nurture ourselves better by eating the vegetables that come from the earth. Root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, etc. Slow cooked in Ghee. Ghee helps us absorb the essential vitamins and minerals.

Ghee is a natural good oil that our bodies need to keep our tissues lubricated. We may also want to do Abhyanga or self-oil massage on a regular basis and then daily during the air element time of year. To do this find a good oil and massage the feet and head if nothing else but also all the joints are good to do. Then wash it off in the shower, a warm or hot shower helps open the pours, so the oil absorbs easier. Cooking with good oil is also important, restaurants do not buy the highest-grade oils due to cost, fast food restaurants are particularly bad and overused.

We can also ground ourselves by going into nature, especially barefooted and is said to reduce inflammation, and improve electric activity in the brain. However just walking in nature itself is grounding and gives a more three-dimensional view compared to the two-dimensional view of our computer screens. Tree hugging or sitting with your back to a tree is also very helpful as the trees are grounded by their root system.

Crystals and stones are also used. Stones like hematite or jasper are said to be good. Obsidian, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, are also used. Smoky Quartz would be a crystal that is grounding. If you are using stones having them on your skin is best but having them in your pocket also works but try to hold them when you can.

Color therapy would be Black, Red, Browns. This you can wear as the clothes you choose or meditate while looking at these colors. Meditation itself is very grounding. Visualization meditation where you grow roots into the ground or feel as if the earth is breathing you bringing up energy. Of Pranayama working with the Apana breath is best for grounding, with this breath we exhale longer than we inhale and feel as if we are letting go and releasing as we do.


The final way I would like to mention is being around friends or family who you love and trust. People who have your back and will be there when life gets hard. This really should be the first place to go for grounding, it has a more immediate effect, think of times your life was crazy and you talked to someone you trust and how your perspective changes.